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Automatic Weather Station 6162C

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WEATHERLINK SOFTWARE AND USB DATALOGGER For the ultimate in weather data collection, analysis, and display, you can connect Vantage Pro2 toyour personal computer. The WeatherLink data logger fits neatly into the Vantage Pro console,storing your weather data even when the computer is off. Transfer data to the PC when you like—every minute or every six months. Later, use the WeatherLink software to create graphs, generatesummaries, and more—all with your own weather database.

WeatherLink’s newest feature lets you share your weather with the world on your own weatherweb site. Use one of our sample templates or design your own.WeatherLink software establishesthe Internet connection and transfers the files using FTP.


  • See current conditions at a glance on the instant weather bulletin.
  • Graph data on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
  • Generate Weather Watcher reports in National Climatic Data Center (NOAA) format
  • Track information from multiple weather stations on the same computer using one WeLink for each weather station
  • View information from the same weather station on two or more computers using an User License for each computer. Kit includes license, manual, and software.

  • Post current and historical weather conditions to your web site or LAN
  • Create weather web pages with our included HTML templates, or design your own
  • Add bar graphs, line graphs, text lines, or scrolling ticker tape displays with includedapplet.
  • Upload other files—such as images from a webcam—along with your weather data.

  • Choose a storage interval of 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.
  • Store up to six months worth of data, depending on the chosen storage interval. Thelogger uses non-volatile memory, so you won’t lose the data in the logger, even if youpower.
  • Transfer data from the data logger to your computer as often as you like to create yourweather database.
  • Transfer data and clear highs and lows automatically each day.(The software must be running to use this feature.) All of the following are included:
  • Software on CD• USB Data logger ( With Cable )
  • Detailed instruction booklet
  • 8' (2.4 m) cable to connect the data logger to your computer

Weather Center BP-WS2350

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Always the best value for money since it was first launched. This complete weather station displays and records all the basic weather elements with surprising accuracy for such a low cost weather station.

It has a built in Serial datalogger (can be connected via USB) and comes with leads and software to connect to a PC.

A great starter system for those new to weather monitoring

Additional Information


A neat system well designed with great functionality.

Displays and records all the basic weather data including barometer, rain, wind, temperature and humidity.

This version has a cup anemometer for improved wind speed measurement rather than the previous impeller design.


WS2350 console, anemometer, rain gauge, temperature humidity transmitter, computer leads, power adapter and batteries.

There are also some simple fixings included.

Indoor Unit

Barometric Pressure reading is displayed in hPa or inHg in the range 300 to 1099 hPa

Weather forecast display by weather icons (sunny, cloudy, rainy)

Weather tendency indicator and storm warning alarm

Indoor Temperature in the range -10°C to +60°C

Min / Max memory with time stamp for temperature, humidity, wind, barometer, dew point and wind chill

Programmable alarm for barometer, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind, wind chill and dew point

DCF-77 radio controlled time and date reception with +/- 12 hour time zone offset

LED back light (15 seconds when any key is pressed)

Console to be operated at 16 degrees C and above


The weather station has a serial data logger and is supplied with both serial connection and USB to serial adapter with virtual com port drivers

Data is gathered by the computer, which can be used to create graphs or to export it

Storage capacity of 175 sets of data with date and time

1 minute to 24 hours data recording interval

EEPROM memory (non volatile ring buffer memory


Silver with perspex front


140 x 170 x 32 mm


4 x AA included by Weather Shop


UK 230V adapter included (EU 230V supplied to EU orders

Outdoor Unit

The outdoor sensors use the temperature and humidity sensor as their transmitter back to the console. The wind and rain sensors are connected by 10m cables to the transmitter.

Used wirelessly the transmitter has a range of up to 100m. It can also be cabled back to the console using the supplied 10m cable.

All of the cables can be extended by a further 10m.


Wind Speed displayed in the range 0 to 110 mph in mph, knots, beaufort, km/h or 0m/s

Wind Direction displayed in compass rose segments or degrees

Temperature displayed in the range -30.0°C to +70°C in °C or °F

Relative Humidity displayed in the range 20% to 95%

Rain for the past 1 hour, 24 hours and total since last reset in mm or inches

Calculated values for wind chill and dew point

Automatic Weather Station BP-6162C

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Info-Electronics Systems India Pvt. Ltd. is associated with Davis Instruments USA, a world-renowned company in the field of meteorological data collection and monitoring. Davis weather stations feature state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices used in Agriculture, Industry, Research, Expeditions, and by several government and private agencies associated with meteorological observations.


If you are looking for new technologies and innovative solutions or if you want to track the weather, or enhance your research activities, we provide a wide range of high-performance meteorological solutions, including state-of-the-art instruments and software’s and optimization tools dedicated to meet your needs.


This document presents a description of the meteorological Sensors and communication equipment for Davis weather stations. Weather is a vital factor for the success of Agriculture, Research and many other activities around the world. To increase the productivity of farming, it is essential to know the temperature, moisture, sunshine, radiation level, rainfall and other conditions. The data is deemed essential as solar radiation and temperature have a direct impact on ambient humidity and affects the quality of crop and as such measurement of these parameters is crucial.


Davis Cabled Vantage Pro 2 Plus Weather Station The standard Vantage Pro 2 Plus station consists of five main components:

  • Indoor console on which all the weather readings are displayed.
  • Sensors comprising of anemometer for measuring wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and rainfall, Solar Radiation Sensor, UV Radiation Sensor & etc. suitably mounted as per site conditions.
  • Assembly known as the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS for short)

A typical Vantage Pro2 Plus system includes:

  • Console with large impressive display;
  • Cable (30m) from ISS to console;
  • Sensors to measure wind speed & direction; air temperature & humidity; pressure; rainfall plus numerous derived readings, such as wind chill, dew point etc.
  • Integral radiation shield as standard
  • WeatherLink (Software and USB Data Logger) to link your weather station to a PC
  • Easy installation kit (Screws and U-clamps)


    Automatic Weather Station 6162C

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    A typical Cabled weather station installed at a remote location.

    Digital Weather Center Wireless With Remote Sensor BP-WR108

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    Weather Eye Indoor/Outdoor Weather Station This stylish weather station measures temperature and humidity and indicates their future trends. The comfort indicator displays the effect of humidity in the atmosphere.

    Professional Touch Screen Weather Center With PC Interface

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    Professional Weather Center WH1080PC (868MHz, w/RCC, Transmission range up to 450 feet)

    1. Time display, including Hour, Minutes, Date

    2. DCF (WWVB) radio controlled clock

    3. Automatic daylight saving time function.

    4. Time alarm disable/enable.

    5. 100 year calendar display (d-m-y or d-m-wd).

    6. Weather Symbols and Barometer tendency display

    7. Indoor air humidity/temperature measure and display.

    8. Outdoor air humidity/temperature receiving and display.

    9. Wind speed and wind direction display

    10. Wind chill and Dew point temperature display

    11. Rainfall data in 1hour, 24hours, one week, one month and toal since last reset

    12. Barometric pressure display in bar graph format

    13. Storm warning alarm

    14. Records of all minimum and maximum values along with time and date of their recordings.

    15. LED back light

    16. USB port for easy connection to your PC

    17. Low battery indicator of main unit and the transmitter.

    18. History data memory


    Nexus Professional Weather Station BP - WSNX

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    The TFA Nexus Weather Station is an excellent low priced professional weather station that combines the latest environmental measuring and computer technology, enabling you to record, review and store an array of weather information.


    This digital weather station is packed with great features and is an excellent home weather station for the weather enthusiast or those that depend on the daily weather forecast. Totally wireless this professional weather station comprises of a large LCD display unit and three outdoor sensors, a thermo/hygrometer, a rain gauge and a combined anemometer and wind vane, which have a transmission range of 100m. These provide you with an array of weather data including temperature, humidity, pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction which is wirelessly transmitted on 433MHz back to the display unit.


    The Nexus weather station has a built in data logger which can store up to 3000 records. You can set the recording interval to a number of values from every 5 minutes to every day. Set at 5 minute intervals it would store just over 10 days worth of data! The included TFA software uses an included USB cable to connect the console to your PC. This program will download the data from the weather station and graph it for you as well as storing it in a database for record keeping and further analysis by software such as Microsoft Excel. Other features on the TFA Nexus Weather Station include a blue backlight that can be set to illuminate automatically as the light in the room decreases. It also displays all of the measured parameters along with a weather forecast for the next 12 to 24 hours, sunset and sunrise times and moon phase. Derived measurements such as dew point can also be displayed.There is a calender and a radio controlled clock that receives the time signal from Frankfurt and the system can be set to compensate for the difference in time between Europe and the UK. WEATHER STATION FEATURES
    • Wireless transmission of outdoor temperature, humidity, quantity of rainfall, wind velocity and direction from the exterior sensors to the display station.
    • Long distance range up to 100 meter free field.
    • Expandable up to 5 outdoor temperature / humidity transmitters, for the climate control of remote rooms, e.g. children's room, wine cellar, greenhouse.
    • Indoor temperature and humidity with comfort level indicator of indoor climate.
    • Weather forecast with symbols and tendency of atmospheric pressure.
    • Absolute and relative atmospheric pressure with 24 hours history.
    • Bar graph indication of atmospheric pressure, temperature or humidity for the last 24 hours.
    • Radio controlled clock with different alarms and snooze function.
    • Display of date and weekday ( 6 languages )
    • Time of rising and setting of sun and moon.
    • Indication of moon phase
    • Wind-chill factor and dew point
    • Programmable alarm functions for certain weather conditions, like temperature alarm, storm warning.
    • Maximum and minimum values with date and hour.
    • Data memory for 3000 weather records.
    • PC- interface with analysis software package.
    • LED Backlight with light sensor, or continuous operating with power adapter.
    • For wall mounting or table standing.
    Dimensions: Weather Station: 220 x 165 x 32 mm Colour: Black/Silver WHAT COMES IN YOUR BOX?1 TFA Nexus Weather Station (35.1040)1 Therm/Hygro Sensor1 Rain Sensor1 Anemometer

    Digital Weather Center Advance with Logging SD card BP-W050

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    Digital Weather Center Advance with Logging SD card BP-W050


    · 10-90% RH, 0-50C, 1000-1100hPa - large LCD display

    · Logging to SD card - analyse data using standard spread sheet software

    · Real time clock

    · Uses standard AAA batteries, or 9V adaptor

    · Battery life typically > 1 month [sampling at 1 min]

    · Wall mount with included hanger

    · SD included - also can get USB interface and PC software for the application

    Humidity, Barometer and temperature data logging with large LCD display - the MHB-382SD is a member of the new series of SD card loggers from Lutron. These feature simultaneous display and high capacity logging to SD card. Data can be transferred to a PC and read using a standard spread sheet program - or downloaded with USB interface and application specific software.

    Logging interval is selected 5 seconds -600 seconds - or auto - where data is logged only when there is a change in the values.

    Automatic Weather Station 6162C

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    The Console receives the outside data from the Integrated Sensor Suite and can be pwhere inside the room either on a table or wall hanged. A small data logger (Weather link data logger) fits inside the console that records the weaat a user selectable archive interval. The Weather link data logger also has interface thatto the computer for further retrieval of data for analysis and record.


    TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY SENSORS: The Temperature and Humidity sensors are locainside the radiation shield which protects the sensors from solar radiation and other sourceradiated and reflected heat.


    • Inside Temperature (sensor located in console)
    • Range +32° to +140°F (0° to +60°C)
    • Sensor Accuracy ±1°F (±0.5°C)
    • Update Interval 1 minute
    • Resolution and Units Current Data: 0.1°F or 1°F or 0.1°C or 1°C
    • (user-selectable) °C is converted from °F
    • rounded to nearest 1°C , Historical Data
    • and Alarms: 1°F or 1°C (user-selectable)
    • Outside Temperature (sensor located in ISS)
    • Range -40° to +150°F (-40° to +65°C)
    • Sensor Accuracy ±1°F (±0.5°C) above 20°F (-7°C), ±2°F (±1°C)
    • under 20°F (-7°C)
    • Update Interval 10 to 12 seconds
    • Resolution and Units Current Data: 0.1°F or 1°F or 0.1°C or 1°C


    Humidity Sensor:

    (User-selectable) nominal (see Fig. Sensor Chart ) °C is converted from °F rounded to nearest 1°C Historical Data and Alarms: 1°F or 1°C (user-selectable).


    • Inside Relative Humidity (sensor located in console)
    • Range 0 to 100% RH
    • Accuracy ±3% (0 to 90% RH), ±4% (90 to 100% RH)
    • Update Interval 1 minute
    • Resolution and Units 1%
    • Outside Relative Humidity (sensor located in ISS)
    • Range 0 to 100% RH
    • Accuracy ±3% (0 to 90% RH), ±4% (90 to 100% RH)
    • Update Interval 50 seconds to 1 minute
    • Resolution and Units 1%

    BAROMETRIC PRESSURE included in console with a range of 610 to 1100 hPa.


    Barometric Pressure

    • Range 16.00" to 32.50" Hg, 410 to 820 mm Hg,
    • 540 to 1100 hPa/mb
    • Overall Accuracy ±0.03" Hg (±0.8 mm Hg, ±1.0 hPa/mb)
    • Update Interval 1 minute
    • Resolution and Units 0.01" Hg, 0.1 mm Hg, 0.1 hPa/mb (user- selectable)



    • Wind Direction
    • Range 0 - 360°
    • Accuracy ±3°
    • Update Interval 2.5 to 3 seconds
    • Display Resolution 16 points (22.5°) on compass rose, 1° in numeric display
    • Wind Speed: Range 2 to 180 mph, 2 to 156 knots, 1 to 80 m/s, 3 to 290 km/h
    • Accuracy ±2 mph (2 kts, 3 km/h, 1 m/s) or ±5%, whichever is greater
    • Update Interval Instant Reading: 2.5 to 3 seconds, 10minute
    • Average: 1 minute
    • Resolution and Units 1 mph, 1 km/h, 0.5 m/s, or 1 knot (userselectable) Measured in mph; other units are converted from mph and rounded.

    Automatic Weather Station 6162C

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    Evapo transpiration( calculated, requires Solar Radiation Sensor Range Daily to 99.99 0 (999.9mm), Monthly &Yearly to 199.99 0 (1999.9mm)Accuracy Greater of 0.01 (0.25mm) or ±5% Update Interval 1 Hour Resolution & Units 0.01 0 to 0.25 mm

    MOUNTING TRIPOD/MAST Lightweight 2 meters Tripod makes installation even easier. Brackets at the base of legs tilt to mount on roof or uneven terrain. Alternatively the complete system can be mounted on a 2/3 meters mast which needs be grouted in a concrete structure.

    Professional Weather Station BP-WS200

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    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The Oregon Scientific WMR200 Professional Weather Station is the next generation of home weather stations equipped for 21st Century forecasting. This state of the art wireless weather station provides you with a wealth of weather information such as current indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, wind speed and direction, wind chill, dew point, heat index, barometric pressure and rainfall data. For additional weather monitoring, the WMR200 can support up to ten remote sensors, including a UV sensor (optional). With its touch-screen interface for quick and convenient access to information, wireless range for capturing weather measurements up to 100 metres away and a built-in data logger function that can store up to 1 month of weather data the WMR200 weather station makes predicting the weather from home simple. Other features on the WMR200 Professional weather station include radio controlled clock that synchronises with either MSF (Antorn UK) or DCF (Franfurt Germany) clock signals. Weather forecast icons (Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy or Snow), high and low settable alarms, moon Phase display and HiGlo backlight. WEATHER STATION FEATURES Displays Weather Forecast icons—Sunny, Partly Cloudy, Cloudy, Rainy or Snow Displays current moon phase Displays Indoor and outdoor (up to 10 wireless sensors) temperature and humidity measurements Measures temperature, humidity, wind chill, wind speed, wind direction, UV index (optional), barometric pressure and rainfall Displays dew point, wind chill and heat index readings Weather alert alarms for temperature, heat index, humidity, dew point, gust wind and rainfall rate Communicates wirelessly within a 300 feet (100 meters) radius at 433MHz between the main unit and remote sensors Radio controlled time via MSF (Anthorn UK) or DCF (Frankfurt Germay) time signal Main console features touch-screen controls and HiGlo backlight Installation kit allows for multiple mounting options Low battery indicator icons for both main units and wireless sensors Can be Wall mounted or table stand Includes software—to store and view weather data on your PC via USB download Built-in Data Logger Function stores data with a time stamp Operating temperature range: –50°C to +70°C (–58°F to 158°F) LED backlight Batteries & Adapter included Dimensions: 00 x 00 x 00 Colour: Silver and Black WHAT COMES IN YOUR BOX? 1 Oregon Scientific WMR200 Professional Weather Station Console (WMR200) 1 Remote Sensor 1 Rain Guage 1 Anemometer 1 Solar Panel


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