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Our product range includes a wide range of digital rain gauge - rgr 126n, rain gauge recording drum bpw026, rain gauge made of galvanised sheet bpw024 and rain gauge self recording bpw025.

Digital Rain Gauge - RGR 126N

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Product Description

Oregon Scientific RGR126 Wireless Rain Gauge with Indoor and Outdoor Thermometer features a self-emptying rain collector with wireless transmission of up to 300 feet unobstructed!

This high-tech wireless rain gauge displays daily rainfall amounts, nine-day historical record and total rainfall. The unit has a high daily rainfall alarm and not only measures but also eliminates collected precipitation via the self-emptying rain collector.

The rain collector has a 4 inch diameter and stands 5.75 inches tall. Rainfall amounts are shown in inches or millimeters. The sleek black-and-silver LCD display unit lists indoor and outdoor temperature in one-half inch tall letters that are easy to read.

The wireless rain gauge comes with one THN122N remote temperature sensor with a transmission range of approximately 100 feet unobstructed. The four-line display console also shows current rainfall and total rainfall amounts.


· Rain gauge has an effective wireless transmission range of 300 feet (unobstructed)

· One-channel remote temperature sensor has an effective wireless transmission range of 100 feet (unobstructed)

· Digital base unit displays daily and cumulative rainfall amounts, indoor temperature and outdoor temperature

· Lists nine-day rainfall history and total rainfall

· Rainfall amounts measured in inches or millimeters

· High daily rainfall alarm

· Rain gauge tracks precipitation amounts

· Rain collector has 4-inch diameter and stands 5.75 inches high

· Rain collector powered by 2 AA batteries (included)

· Main console powered by 2 AA batteries (included)

· Remote temperature sensor powered by 2 AAA batteries (included)

· Wireless design makes measuring rainfall amounts simple

· Includes display console, one remote THN122N sensor and self-emptying collector

Console features wall mount or tabletop option

Rain Gauge Recording Drum BPW026

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Rain Gauge Recording Type : this natural siphon type recording rain gauge is designed to give continuous record of rain fall. It is generally used in conjunction with an ordinary rain gauge ( non recording type ) exposed close by. Rainwater enters the gauge at the top of the cover and is carried through the funnel to float chamber provided with a float. The recording pen is mounted on the stem of the float. As the water level rises in the receiver, the float rises and the pen records rain on a chart placed on a clock drum which revolves once in 24 hours.
The recording mechanism is mounted on the base and the base cover is provided with a gunmetal rim of about 203 mm. Dia. The funnel lifts of the base and carries a hasp, which is engaged with a staple on the base and pad locked. An angle iron piece with foundation bolt is provided for anchoring the rain gauge base to the ground. The dimensions of the base, collector, funnel, float chamber float chamber, float etc. are as per ISI specification and also as per IMD specification.
The unit is supplied with 100 graph paper sheet, a phial of special record ng ink, recording pen, filter, clock movement with drum and key, float chamber with float, foundation angle iron and literature booklet.

(a) Spare Rain Gauge Charts: per packet of 100 chart sheets.

(b) Spare Recording Ink: phial containing about 20 ml. of the special type of ink.


Rain Gauge Made Of Galvanised Sheet BPW024

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Students can compare rainfall of different seasons for a place and can conclude how wet a place is. The set of rain gauge is provided with metal case having removable lid to collect rainfall and a plastic calibrated rain gauge jar duly marked in centimeters.

Rain Gauge Self Recording BPW025

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We offer Self Recording Rain Gauge that is appreciated for its correct readings and durability. Our Self Recording Rain Gauge comprises of a nickelled brass receiver placed at the top of a sensitive dial pattern balance. Manufactured in the state-of-the-art unit, these Self Recording Rain Gauges are properly examined for flawless functioning.


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