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Our renge of Products for maternity is so Vast fulls  of Variusmodels please also consult our other section such as  Nurse Training Gynecologi medical Simulator CPR Manikin And Medical Models

Gynecological Examination Model ( BEP/F30S )

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This Gynecological Examination Model is specifically designed for professional training.

The various functions of these model are as follows :-

  1. Palpation of normal and pregnant uterus
  2. Bi-manual pelvic and tri-manual pelvic examination
  3. Vaginal examination
  4. Visual recognition of normal and abnormal cervices
  5. Contraceptive sponge insertion and removal Observation of uterus, ovary, fallopian tubes and ligament teres.


    Leopold Maneuvers Simulato ( BEP/F6 )

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    The model shows the seven stages of birth: engagement - descent - flexion - internal rolling - spread - reposition and external rolling - child birthing

    Appendix And Caecum ( BEP/A 12006 )

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    Natural size and mounted on a stand. The model shows wall of the caecum and appendix. Separated into 2 parts. 17 positions are displayed.

    Material: Advanced PVC and painted with imported paint.

    Magnified Uterus Model ( BEP-436A )

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    With the coronal section this model show:
    1. Uterus
    2. The cervix is divided into a supra-vaginal portion and vaginal portion.
    3. The ligaments of the uterus are eight in number.
    4. The fallopian tubes.
    5. The ovaries

    Female Genital Organs ( BEP/A15105 )

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    It is made of Advanced PVC material. The model consists of 4 parts and is mounted on a stand. It shows the internal and external female genital organs. 40 positions displayed.

    Human Male Half Pelvis ( BEP-331A )

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    Life size. With a median section, both internal and external organs are clearly shown. On base. Size(cm): 28X18X29

    Female Internal and External Genital Organs

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    Female Internal & External Genital Organs ( BEP-429 )

    This model is served as a visual aid in teaching human anatomy in nursing schools and medical colleges. It shows the entire female genital organs including uterus, uterus appendix (fallopian tube, ovary and its membrane, ligament teres uteri, ligament ovary proprium), vagina and the structure of external genital organ. Part of uterus and vagina are dissected to show its internal structures. Size: life-size.

    Advanced Abdominal Palpation and Delivery Mechanism Models

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    1. Demonstrate the fetus, umbilical cord and placenta of vacuum-assisted delivery, flexible fetal joint, and multiple normal and abnormal positions of fetal delivery can be showed;

    2. Equipped with manual delivery mechanical parts; by manual , the whole delivery process, including engagement, descending, flexion, internal rotation, extension, restoration, external rotation and fetal delivery, can be showed;

    3. Can practice and master the comprehensive skills of normal labor, abnormal labor (dystocia), midwifery and perineum protection;

    4. Equipped with soft elevated cushion for Leopold Maneuver practice;


    5. Equipped with models for cervical and vaginal examination practice before and at birth;

    Leopold Maneuvers Simulato ( BEP/F8 ) Models

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    The simulator can help to demonstrate all the process of delivery. The life-size pelvic cavity has main anatomical structures. It can help to train the skills of delivery.

    Maternity Examination Model ( BEP/FW2 )

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    This Advanced Maternity Examination Model is specifically designed for professional training.

    The various functions of these models are as follows :-

    1. Palpation, embryo heart sound auscultation, pelvic measurement and mammary nursing training
    2. Inflating uterus through ball to make model lifelike
    3. Adjustable heart sound speed, volume
    4. Heart sound can be heard not only from stethoscope but also from microphone of front board of model

    Human Female Half Pelvis ( BEP-331B )

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    Life size. With a median section, both internal and external organs are clearly shown. On base. Size(cm): 28X18X29

    Human Female Pelvis Section (4 Parts) ( BEP-332B ) Model

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    This model is a median section, showing female genital organs with bladder and rectum. The abdominal and pelvis muscles are shown detailed.

    Made of PVC plastic.

    Contraception Guidance Model ( BEP-417 )

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    This model shows the anatomical section of Female Genitals.It can be demonstrated to put the Pessary,how to put Contraceptive Medicine membrane or table,How to put in a take out the IUD And how to make induced Abortion Etc.


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