Medical Simulator Models

Highest standard to full fill International demand has been met by us by having most selective training Medical simutator models

IUD Training Simulator BEP F5N

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1. Basing on real anatomy of female genitalia, we designed this model for instructing or training of insertion or removal IUD.

2. The uterus is in coronal section and covered with transparent plastic window.So students can directly observe the entire insertion or removal proces

Human Trachea Intubation BEP - 407

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This Model is Designed as teaching model for raining the Medical students ,Basic clinic,Nurses and First Aid People to Demonstraate and practice Trachea Intubation Through Mouth
1.Trachea in intubation through mouth
2.Compare Pupils one is normal and the other is large

Vulva Suturing Training Simulato ( BEP/F3B )

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The models demonstrate the wound in different positions in pudendum. It's made of soft materials, can be used many times in suturing training.

Advanced Delivery And Emergency Simulator BEP/F55 Models

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Stage 3: 4cm cervical dilation; cervical canal completely disappears; the position relation between fetal head & ischial spine place is - 3;

Stage 4: 5cm cervical dilation; cervical canal completely disappeas; the position relation between fetal head and ischial spine place is 0;

Stage 5: 7cm cervical dilation; cervical canal completely disappeas; the position relation between fetal head and ischial spin place is +2;

Stage 6: 10cm cervical dilation; cervical canal completely disappears; the position relation between fetal head and ischial spine place is +5;

  • 8.Can measure fetal head descent and cervical dilation
  • 9.Can simulate multiple placenta position
  • 10.Can set venous channel in maternal arm for giving administration and nutrition
  • 11.Vulvar suture practice modules, including left lower, medial and right lower three incision position
  • 12.Tracheal intubation training
  • 13.Manually simulate carotid artery pulse

Neonatal Manikin features:

  1. Holistic function
  2. Nursing features: eye irrigation and drops, neonatal washing and bandaging
  3. Oral and nasal intubation, infant sputum suction, tracheal intubation and gastric lavage
  4. Infant umbilical cord nursing, scalp vein puncture, arm venous puncture, there is obvious feeling for venous puncture, and blood flash back indicated correct puncture
  5. Neonatal CPR Supports multiple ventilation ways: mouth to mouth, mouth to nose, bag respirator to mouth Can act artificial respiration Can act external compression

Maternal Manikin CPR Training:

Complying with AHA (American Heart Association) 2005 emergency guideline for CPR, can act artificial respiration and external compression; electronic monitoring of operation datas with voice prompt; can observe obvious chest rise while inflation.


Peritoneal Dialysis Simulator ( BEP/L64 ) Models

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Function :

  1. This model is a specially designed simulator for the medical staff to practice the skill of peritoneal dialysis.
  2. Fistula orifice is in the realistic position, and the simulative liquid flows out through it.

Standard Equipment :

  1. Catheter
  2. Disposable Water-Proof Fabric
  3. Infusion Stand
  4. Liquid Bag
  5. Deluxe Portable Box

Advanced Delivery Mechanism Demonstration Simulator BEP-F52 Models

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Product benefits:

A total simulator for demonstration of all standard obstetrical procedures:
• Fetal Palpation
• Breech Birth
• Normal Birth
• C-Section Delivery
• Episiotomy
• Vertex Presentation
• Prolapse of Umbilical cord
Features include a removable diaphragm end plate and removable stomach cover for manual positioning of fetus; life-size pelvic cavity with all major anatomical landmarks; ultra-soft vulval insert for episiotomy exercises; simulated dorsosacral position for realistic delivery technique. Cannot do the Leopold procedure on this simulator. Forceps can be used during simulation. All parts in this simulator are replaceable.

The Advanced Childbirth Simulator with vinyl skin includes two fetal babies with umbilical cords and placentas, spare stomach cover, two vulva inserts, four spare umbilical cords, two umbilical clamps, talcum powder, instruction manual, and soft carrying bag.

Surgical Suturing and Bandaging Simulator GD/LV18

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High Quality Simulator

The simulator provides commonly used surgical incisions, which simulate all kinds of female thoracic and abdominal incisions, tube drains and amputation stump. Students can practice wounds treatments of washing, disinfecting, changing dressing, bandaging and etc. The skin is dry, soft and flexible, allowing the bandages to adhere better.


1. Thyroidectomy

2. Mid-sternal split - with two chest tube drains

3. Right mastectomy - with simulated drain

4. Right cholecystectomyn - with simulated T-tube

5. Laparotomy

6. Appendectomy

7. Left colostomy

8. Right ileostomy

9. Abdominal Hysterectomy (transverse incision)

10. Left nephrectomy (thoraco-abdominal incision)

11. Right nephrectomy (oblique incision)

12. Laminectomy

13. Sacral decubitus ulcer - stage 2

14. Right thigh amputation stump

Nasal Feeding And Gastric Lavage Simulator ZX-NS6036

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High QualityModel

A well-shaped adult torso. It could practice many skills training via nasal and oral cavity for the nursing of respiratory tract and stomach.

•Life like clear anatomical structure, include: head, neck, chest real size lungs and stomach
•Transparent abdominal wall, clear observation of internal organs
•Oral/nasal cavity intubation
•Nasal feeding
•Gastric Lavage: Stomach capacity 500 ml.

Central Venous Catheterization Simulator BEP-L69B Models

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The cervicular veins are filled with red simulative blood for internal jugular vein and subclavical vein puncturing use. Squeeze bulb can simulate carotid artery pulse. With accurate anatomy, palpation is exactly the same as on a patient. Replacing of the internal tubing and skin is extremely easy.
1. Cervical anatomical landmarks are quite clear and indicate structures of the
sternal notch, clavicle, right cervical ribs, sternocleidomastoid and etc.
2. Venous system in the deep part of left neck consists of common carotid artery,
internal jugular vein, external jugular vein, subclavical vein and brachiocephalic
3. Internal jugular vein puncture and cannulation can be exercised.
4. Subclavical vein puncture and cannulation can be exercised.
5. Carotid artery pulse can be simulated.
6. The skin and veins can be replaced and students will feel an apparent ″pop�BR> when the needle has been thrust into the vein.


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