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Our product range includes a wide range of the development process for fetus ( bep-414 ), breast examination model ( bep/f7a ), airway intubation model ( bep/j5s ), liver model ( bep-312 ), liver,pancreas & duodenum model bep-311 and spleen model ( bep-311-1 ).

The Development Process For Fetus ( BEP-414 )

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Made of PVC and synthetic rubber. The model consists of 10 parts and shows the relationship between Fetus and Uterus during the gestation period.
Part No.Gestation MonthAppearance/Height of Fetus
1stNormal UterusInner genitals
2ndFirstPlacenta is shown
3rdSecondEmbryo looks like human.
4thThirdFetus is about 9cm.
5thFourthFetus is about 16cm.
6thFifthFetus is about 25cm.
7thSixthFetus is about 30cm.
8thSeventhFetus is about 35cm.
9thEighthFetus is about 40cm.
10thNinthFetus is about 45cm.

Breast Examination Model ( BEP/F7A )

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Functionality characteristic :

Palpation of galactophore malignant tumor, innocent tumor, lymphaden and lobulus accrementition.

Material characteristics :

  1. In imported thermoplastic.
  2. Lifelike shape, skinny, pleasant to touch, durable; Ametabolic under disinfections and cleanout, convenient delivery.

Airway Intubation Model ( BEP/J5S )

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Features :

  1. Accurate anatomical marks
  2. Oral or nasal cavity intubation
  3. Wrong operation, stomach inflation or laryngoscope compressing the teeth will activate warning prompting.
  4. One proper pupil and another mydriasis

Liver Model ( BEP-312 )

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An economical way to study the basic structure of the liver. The complex vessels network in the opened liver, displayed in different colors on this model : hilus vessels, extra-hepatic and intra-hepatic bile ducts. Liver mounted on stand.

Liver,Pancreas & Duodenum Model BEP-311

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  • This model is a dissected liver and gallbladder shows the complex network of veins, arteries and bile ducts to illustrate how each organ functions, seprately and in relation to each other. The falciform ligment is show seprating the right left lobes of the liver, and the hepatic and the hepatic and systemic veins and arteries are depicted in different colour. This model is mounted on a stand.


  • Size(cm):35x15x28

Spleen Model ( BEP-311-1 )

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This natrual size model reproduces the pan creas, the spleen and the duodenzun. The pancreas is open to show the entire panceatic duct. The duodenum si partially dissected to expose its inner structure. Size (cm): 12X15X22

Fetus With Viscus And Placenta ( BEP/A42008 ) Model

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The models shows a female fetus at the end of the pregnancy with placenta and umbilical cord. separated into 13 parts as follows:

Placenta, umbilical cord, abdominal cover, 2 pcs of lungs, heart, thymus, diaphragm, liver, stomach, intestine, body. Material: Advanced PVC and painted with imported paint.

Materials: Advanced PVC and painted with imported paint.

Circulatory System GD/A16001 Models

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1.  Introduce main arteries and veins of the body.

2.  81 positions are displayed.

Material: Advanced PVC and paint

GD/HS19 Diabetic Foot Nursing Simulator

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High QualityMedical Simulator


1. Designed for nursing of foot pathological changes caused by diabetes

2. No.1,2,3 invasive trauma with minor foot infection

3. Display severe foot diseases, such as toe amputation, Charcot foot and gangrene, etc

4. Soft and elastic model material, bendable toes

GD/H90E Decubitus ulcer care simulator

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Installation Service NeededNo
Application/UsageHigh Quality


1. 4 stages of ulceration

2. Decubitus ulcer kinds: sinus, fistula, corruption scab, infection, bone exposure, eschar, suturing incision, Herpes and Monilia infection.

3. Incision washing, evaluation and measurement




Human Reproductive System Female ZX-1305

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Made of high grade synthetic polymer having long durability.Mounted on sturdy wooden frame for easy display.Size : 40x80 cmWell illustrated and informative Beautiful painted in bright colors Model is accurately made from actual specimen references,photographs and encyclopedia reference under expert guidance.Model is a great teaching tool for anatomy lessons.

Muscular Body Model ( Tall 85 CM ) ( BEP-350 )

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Tall : 85 cm. Shows the superficial muscle.
Upper arms are removable. Size(cm): 20X17X89

Electronic Urinary Model BEP - 408

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  • Description:
  • This model can be demonstrated some functions: catheterization of male, catheterization of female and intestinal irrigation etc.

Visible Expectant Mother Model ( BEP-064 )

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Size 55 cm, Dissect able in 48 pieces. Detailed instruction manual included. This visible anatomy model realistically shows the important parts of human body. Learn how body works by taking the model apart and see how the different organs work together to keep us alive and healthy.Everything in a body is there for a reason. From skin to heart to fingerprints. Some of the body parts are organs, like stomach, brain or heart. They do specific things to keep human alive.

To explore the model, open it by removing the front outer plastic "skin". Next remove the front of the rib cage. Now you can remove the organs one at a time. Notice how the organs connect to each other and fit in the body. After you have taken all the organs out, follow the illustrations to put your model back together.

Embryo Model ( BEP/A42004 )

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· Mounted on stand.

· Made of Advanced PVC.

· 4 weeks old embryo.

· Shows 12 positions.

Stomach Model ( BEP-306 )

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Made of hard plastic, Magnified 2 times the natural size. Shows the morphology of the stomach in a distended state. With the longitudinal section, the model shows the structures of the gastric folds, pyloric valve, pyloric sphincter muscles, gastric mucosa and the transitional mucosa of the gastric-esophagus.

Kidney Model ( BEP-310-3 )

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Life-size model features the kidney, adrenal gland, renal and adrenal vessels and upper portion of the ureter. Dissectible into 2 parts to reveal the cortex medulla, cortex vessels and renal pelvis. Model can be removed from the stand for instruction and patient education. Size: 12.5 × 12.5 × 20 cm.

Prostate Inspection Model ( BEPD/L63 )

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  1. This model provides prostates with tumors in 4 different development periods.
  2. The 1st development : Beginning, a little big but the prostates still works well.
  3. The 2nd development : Some hard tubers can be observed in the top right quadrant of prostate. It's the beginning of the tumors.
  4. The 3rd development : The tumor is proliferating, and the previous tubers become bumps.
  5. The 4th development : The prostates is all replaced by tumors, the surface become more rough and harder than before.

Ovary Model (BEP/A1003 )

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This model consists of 8 parts, including ovary, primary ovarian follicles, secondary ovarian follicles, ovium, ovulation, ovum, corpus luteum, corpus albicans. It demonstrates the procedure of ovum's development. 10 positions are displayed.

Material: Advanced PVC and painted with imported paint.

Advanced Neonatal Peripheral and Central Vein Intubation

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  • Designed according to the physiological and anatomical characteristic of neonate, made of imported plastic material, soft and
elastic skin, easy to clean, and provide technology of inserting into central vein catheter via peripheral vein.
1. Transparent chest wall and made of special material, perspective effect of bilateral venous channel
2. Correct anatomical position: basilic vein, cephalic vein, jugular vein, subclavian vein and superior vena
3. Direct observation of rib and heart, measure the correct inserted length of catheter
4 Transparent part of the superior vena and visible of the ductal position in the case of correct
catheterization, or the catheter is invisible;
5. Exercise of standard venous catheterization position

Urogenital System ( BEP-332 )

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This is intended for schools as a visual aid in teaching physiology and hygiene to help the students to understand the external features of the urogenital system of the kidney, urinary bladder, penis and testicle. Made of PVC Plastic. Size 20x20x50 cm.

Male Genital Organs ( BEP/A15102 )

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It is made of advanced PVC material. The model is dissected in median and mounted on a stand. It shows the penis, prostate, bladder, seminal vesicle, spermatic cord and inguinal canal and base. 72 positions displayed.

Humane Male Urogenital System ( BEP-331 )

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This model is Intended for school as a  visual aid in teaching physiology to help the students to understand the external features of the urogenital system of the kidney, urinary bladder, penis and testicle

Kidney Microstructure ZX-1603 Models

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Product Description

 Kidney Microstructure

  • Made of high grade synthetic polymer having long durability.
  • Mounted on strudy wooden frame for easy display.
  • Size: 30 x 20 x 24 cm
  • Beautiful painted in bright colors

Urinary System Model XC-333 Models

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The Model shows the structures of retroperition alcavity, pelvis withbones and muscles, inferior venacava, aorta with its branches,upper urinary tract, kidney with adrenal gland, ureter, bladder, etc.Dissectible into 4 parts.

Tracheotomy & Endotracheal Intubation Model ZX-FA5058

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High QualityModel

•Standard tracheotomy position, touchable trachea for locating cutting position
•Accurate structure: thyroid cartilage, cricoid cartilage, crico-thyroid membrane
•Practice percutaneous thyrocricoid puncture, cricothyrotomy, tracheotomy
•Different cuttings: vertical, horizontal, cross shape, "U" shape, reverse "U" shape
•Replaceable trachea and neck skin.

Suturing Skin Pad With Stand ZX-CS6206

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High QualityModel

•Clear skin layers, realistic skin tissue tension Practice cutting, suturing, knotting, taking out stitches Fixing stand for convenient practice.

Nasal,Oral,Pharynx & Larynx Cavities GD/A13001 Models

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1.  A model of the respiratory system, including the oral, nasal cavities, pharynx and larynx.

2.  The upper respiratory tract is dissected into 2 pieces along the medial sagittal plane.

3.  10 parts and 113 positions are displayed. 

Neuron Model ( BEP/A18001 )

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Consists of 2 parts. Shows neuronal body and nerve fiber, neuronal axon hillock, dendritic arbor, neuro filament, etc. Shows 15 positions. Made of Advanced PVC.

Female Catheterization Training Simulator ( BEP/H17F ) Model

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Features :

  1. General urethral can be operated.
  2. There is resistance when advancing the catheter through urethral sphincter.

Human Inner Ear Model ( BEP-303-4 )


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