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Pioneers in the industry, we offer Skull Model such as Life-Size Colored Skull Model ( BEP-104C ), Life Size Skull Model ( BEP-104 ), Skull Boes ( BEP-104-1 ), Infant Skull Model ( BEP/A 11115 ) and Fetal Child Skull Model ( BEP-121 )also consult our section for Brain, Head & Neck Models

XC-104E - Skull Model

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This model is based on XC-140D,Includes 8 Parts brain,Frontal and Parietal Lobe,Temporal and Occipitallobe,encephalic trunk and Cerebellum

Life-Size Colored Skull Model ( BEP-104C )

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This is advanced model of XC-104C life-size skull, bones painted in different colors for precise study. Can be disassembled into 3 parts.

Life Size Skull Model ( BEP-104 )

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This economical life-size adult plastic skull features a moveable jaw, cut calvarium, suture lines and 3 removable lower teeth - incisor, cuspid and molar. Dissectible into 3 parts.

Skull Boes ( BEP-104-1 )

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This highly detailed human skull is disarticulated into many sections. The calvarium is sectioned horizontlly with the lower jaw hinged. The basal portion of the skull has been sectioned sagittally, displying all 3 sinuses.

Infant Skull Model ( BEP/A 11115 )

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  • Material : Advanced PVC

Fetal Child Skull Model ( BEP-121 )

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This Fetal Skull is detailed to show the major structure of the different bones of the skull. The mandible is spring hanged to view the bone structures of the mouth. This model is lifelike and made PVC plastic. size: 10X8X10cm

Human Fetal Skull BEP-1201

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Made of HSP risin Having Long Durablity,
Natural Size Movable lower jaw
Total 41 Parts Labeled
Beautifully Painted in Colours
Showing incomplete ossification off skull,Bones,Fontanelles,Frontal and Parietal Emineneces,Various Skull Bones Like occipital,Temporal,Sphenoid,Frontal,Mandible and Maxilla

Human Skull Model Dx ZX-1202

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Made of High Grade Synthetic Polymer Having Durablity
Size Natural Size
Dissectible into 3 Parts with Moveable Jaw,Cut Calvarium
Well Illustrated and Informative
Model is Accurately Made from Actual Specimen References,Photographs & Encyclopedia Reference under Expert Guidance
Model is Delivered with key card

Human Fetal Skull ZX-1201 Models

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Product Description

Made of HSP resin having long durability.
• Natural size. Movable lower jaw.
• Total 41 parts labeled.
• Beautifully painted in colours.
• Showing incomplete ossification of
skull bones, fontanelles, frontal and
parietal eminences, various skull bones
like occipital, temporal, sphenoid,
frontal, mandible and maxilla.


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